reversible brioche scarf

ALWYN [a work in progress]

© Lori Law, Oceanwind Knits, 2006.
Not for commercial use.

alwyn © Oceanwind Knits

This pattern sounds more complicated than it is; once you get into the pattern it’s very rhythmic.


Generally you will want to go down a size or two from the needles expected for this weight of yarn (from 4.5mm/US7 to 4mm/US6, or smaller if you want a tighter fabric). The tension I am using yields a 6-inch wide scarf on 4mm/US6 needles, in the brioche stitch pattern. I am usually an average knitter when using Cascade 220; ie. I get the tension listed on the band which is 5 stitches per inch with a 4.5mm/US7 needle (in stocking stitch) [that may help you to decide which needles to try].

Brioche stitch is a bit tricky in this regard as the resulting fabric will be determined by how you YO and tension your knitting.


• Cascade 220, one skein (100g/220yds) in each colour [in my pattern, MC is the dark colour - col 4006, CC is the lighter colour - col 8400] (or similar weight yarn; I have only worked this pattern in wool, so use your discretion if you choose another fibre).
• 4mm/US6 circular needle (it MUST be a circular needle, the pattern won’t work on regular straight needles), about 40-60cm is fine; you can also use double-pointed needles (but I, personally, would shove the stitches off the wrong end regularly, so I don’t really recommend double points).
• Tapestry needle for darning in ends

Skill-level • Intermediate to Advanced:
knit, purl, YO, being able to recognize knit and purl stitches in fabric is essential, working with several strands/colours at a time.


CO = cast on
K = knit
P = purl
Sl1 = slip one stitch
Sl1wyf = slip first stitch with working yarn at front of work
Sl1wyb = slip first stitch with working yarn at back of work
Sl1wyo = slip next stitch while wrapping working yarn as if to knit, but don’t knit the stitch… slide it and the resulting yo to the right needle simultaneously
yb = working yarn to back of work
K1incyo = knit one including the corresponding yarn over in other colour
P1incyo = purl one including the corresponding yarn over in other colour
st(s) = stitch(es)
BO = bind off
DON’T TURN = slide your needle from right to left back to restart at beginning of row just worked with next colour
TURN = turn your work

CO 23 stitches with MC.
Knit one row. Join CC.

Set-up Row for Brioche Pattern:
Sl1, [sl1wyo, p1] to last 2 sts, sl1wyo, k1.

Even though you will be working each row twice (once per colour) each row is numbered separately, with the colour you will be using noted in [] brackets. Note when to turn the work or not.

Brioche Pattern Rows:
[MC] 1. P1, [k1incyo, sl1wyo] to last 2 sts, k1incyo, sl1.
[CC] 2. Sl1wyf, yb, [sl1wyo, k1incyo] to last 2 sts, sl1wyo, p1.
[MC] 3. K1, [p1incyo, slwyo] to last 2 sts, p1incyo, sl1.
[CC] 4. Sl1wyb, [sl1wyo, p1incyo] to last 2 sts, sl1wyo, k1.

Repeat these four rows until scarf is desired length. BO knitwise with MC after a row 2 or 4. [note, I am still debating about whether there should be a knit row before the bindoff… I will experiment with that and edit the pattern — let me know if you finish before I do and what you decide!].

Darn in ends, block, enjoy!

All patterns are © Lori Law, Oceanwind Knits. For personal use only. Please do not copy or redistribute.

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